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Young Dentist of the Year


Neel Panchal, a postgraduate student at King’s College London Dental Institute, won the Young Dentist of the Year Award (London category) on Friday 2 December at the prestigious UK Dentistry Awards ceremony in Leicester.

Neel graduated from King’s in 2007 and has since returned to the College to study for a master’s (MSc) in Aesthetic Dentistry at the Dental Institute. He is also a practising associate in private firm Putney Dentists, but his flexible postgraduate programme allows him to continue his studies simultaneously alongside his dental career.

Neel commented: “I am quite independently driven with my master’s, but my tutors are very encouraging. The work that I submitted to the judging panel was very detailed and it’s great that influential figures in British dentistry have appreciated my work.”

After being persuaded by his King’s tutor, he submitted his recent case work and noted his significant achievements in a unique video presentation to be shortlisted for the prestigious dental award.

Neel commented: “I was happy just to be shortlisted, but once I turned up to the event it hit me how much I wanted the award. I could feel my heart beating when they read out the announcement.

“It’s great for someone to recognise my work and I am very proud, but I think this achievement is down to the standard and quality of teaching that I have received whilst studying for my postgraduate at King’s.”

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