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Services available

NHS Dental charges from 1 April 2019

Band 1 course of treatment - £26.80
Band 2 course of treatment - £73.50
Band 3 course of treatment - £319.10

Private Charges

Teeth whitening

This is a safe, effective and predictable way to enhance your smile. We utilise the latest materials to consistently produce results for all our patients, from simple and complex cases.


Aesthetic bonding

Bonding – aesthetic bonding is a non-invasive method of enhancing your smile. This involves the use of bonded resins directly added to the teeth.


Clear aligners – from £2000.00

We now offer a range of dermal fillers and anti wrinkle treatments

Botox and dermal fillers

  • Masseter Botox (for bruxism/teeth grinding)
  • Anti wrinkle treatments (Botox) 
  • Lip Enhancements
  • Dermal fillers


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